Cable Reels

Auxema Stemmann has more than 50 years of experience offering fully customized equipments depending on customer individual needs.

We manufacture 3 types of cable/hose reels depending on the driving system: manual, counterweight and motor driven cable reels.

Moreover, we are able to supply from the smallest reels (3-4kg) to reels with 1000-1500m cable capacity and 300mpm driving speed.

We dispose a testing bench where all our equipment are tested under real running conditions.

Motor driven cable reels

Motor driven cable reels are classified depending on the motor that it’s installed.

  • Mechanical friction clutches INDARDINAMIK ®
  • Hydraulic clutches
  • Magnetic clutches INDAR MAGNETIK ®
  • Electromagnetic clutches INDAR E-MAGNETIK ®
  • Short -circuit rotor 3- phase induction motors AS DRIVE ®
  • Wound rotor 3-phase induction motors, as torque motors
  • Asyncronons motor drive by frecuency converters INDARFREC ® or INDARFREC-BL ®

Main Consumers:

Big lifting and transport machinery manufacturers, iron and coal mining, coal-fired power stations, cargo and container terminal ports, large electrical installation companies, iron and steel mills, shipyards.